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8 Tools You Need in Your Motorcycle Toolbox

8 Tools You Need in Your Motorcycle Toolbox


Having the right motorcycle workshop tools can bridge the gap between smooth sailing and total disaster.

Whether you’re new to the scene or you’re an old-timer looking to gain new skills, you can learn to maintain your bike. Stocking up your motorcycle toolbox is a great way to stay in tune with your vehicle.

Motorcycles are pretty big investments. It only makes sense to invest in the best products for their maintenance and upkeep.

Read below for some of the absolute essentials you need to maintain your bike.

Top 8 Tools for Your Motorcycle Toolbox

1. Tire Pressure Gauge

Making sure your motorcycle tire pressure is in check is necessary for motorcycle upkeep. Tires with low pressure can cause issues with bike mechanics or even major accidents.

Invest in a solid pressure gauge to check your tires before each ride. This will help you maintain the vehicle’s performance and even reduce gas consumption.

2. Socket Wrenches

Once you start working on your bike, you’ll see there’s a wide variety of socket sizes and purposes. Investing in quality socket wrenches can save you some trouble as you learn more.

3. Torque Wrench

No one likes how loose bolts sound or the problems they may cause.

Each nut, bolt, and fastener on your motorcycle has optimal torque settings. These are in your user manual. Become familiar with these settings, and pick the wrench size that works best for your bike.

4. Chain Breaker Tool

If you’re comfortable trying more difficult projects, consider replacing your chain and sprocket.

The replacement procedure can’t be completed without this tool. If you do plan on taking this on as a project, make sure to have a chain breaker on hand.

5. Motorcycle Dolly with Heavy Duty Casters

No matter what part of the bike you’re working on, you’ll do well being able to move it around and sore it with ease.

While a dolly can’t fit in your toolbox per se, it’s still an essential workshop tool to have access to. You should also have some heavy duty caster wheels at your disposal.

These wheels support the dolly and your bike at all times during transport and storage.

6. Tire Plugs

If you get a puncture, but can’t replace your tire just yet, having tire plugs will come in handy.

Most plugs come with the tool you need to insert them which makes them an easy short-term solution.

7. Motorcycle Stand

The same way cars have to be elevated during maintenance work, so do motorcycles. Buying a sturdy motorcycle stand for your bike work will make your life a little bit easier.

8. Nitrile Gloves

This one is something of a no-brainer. Working with vehicles makes your hands dirty and grimy. Different oils and chemicals you encounter may harm your skin.

A good set of nitrile mechanic’s gloves will protect your hands as you get down to business.

Gearing up for Motorcycle Maintenance

As you fill up your motorcycle toolbox, learn all you can about fixing a motorcycle for yourself. The heavy-duty work should be left to the professionals. But, many riders take pride in the skills they gain through working with their own bikes.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try to learn something new any chance you get.

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