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Full Motorcycle Training: All You Need To Know

Full Motorcycle Training: All You Need To Know


When signing for a full motorcycle training, a certain amount of consideration should be given priority. The course duration, the exact things to cover in the modules, and your bike license’s accumulated charges are the main things to consider. Unlike other training facilities that charge 800 pounds and still offer a non-flexible fast track training course, Motoden operates slightly differently. We use the “Pay as you go” training basis that enables our clients to go on with their lives and still train simultaneously. They do not need to stop working on other things because of the training.

Like other training facilities, we begin with Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) for full motorcycle training. During the weekdays, you are charged a registration fee of 130 pounds and 140 pounds on weekends, and it covers all the module training requirements. You should know that the CBT training requires full-day concentration. Do not forget these points when taking the CBT training course.

• You require the basic knowledge of operating a motorcycle.

• To finish the CBT training, you require two U.K licenses, a paper counterpart, and Photo card.

• Use a geared bike during the motorcycle training. You will have no problem riding either a geared or automatic bike in the future.

Booking a theory test at the DSA center near you is another significant step necessary for complete motorcycle training. The easiest booking process is by visiting the DSA website ( Searching for the online mock test is the best alternative for test preparation. Many websites offer non paid practice test. If you frequent doing the test, it will save you a lot from facing the hiccups when handling the final exam.

After you are done with the theory test and Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), Book yourself a two-day motorcycle training at a fee of 300 pounds at Motoden. We offer you three significant options to consider. It is logical to go for training that will not interfere with your travel needs later. The options include

Option One: An A1 License

Use of an automatic 125cc scooter

The recommended minimum age of 17 years

You are restricted only to ride a 125cc scooter

You are allowed to carry passengers

You can get rid of the L plates

Option Two: The Staged Access

Use of the 125cc geared motorbike

If you complete and pass the test at 17 years, you can ride a 400cc at the age of 19 and 600cc at 21 years.

You are free to carry passengers

You can remove the L plate

Option Three: The Direct Access

You must have 24 years or above

You can directly do the 600cc test

You can freely ride the motorcycle of your preference.

After completing the above options training, your trainer can advise you if you are capable of starting the module one test. You can spend two days with your trainer, and he can give you the way forward. The first module test cost is 15 pounds and includes off the road that has swerved, and emergency stops. Those who prefer to complete the test using small bikes have the privilege of riding themselves to the training center. As for big bikes, you will ride under the instruction of an instructor.

After completing the first module, you can either directly commence the second module or continue with the other numerous training. The whole process is at a fee of 100 pounds, and it can last for partially a day.

The second module test comes with more of the old school approach and cost 75 pounds. Under an examiner’s observation to monitor your skills, you can ride your bike on an open road. The process takes 40 minutes, and it includes being told the places to go via the intercom.

If you are doing the module one test using a larger bike, you can carry a trainer. For smaller bikes with 125cc, you can ride alone. Also, the training can consume half a day of your time, and the fee is the same as that of the first module test.

To ride on an open road, you require a valid license and finish the CBT training to acquire a certificate. Motoden offers the Compulsory Basic Training, module one and two tests at a discounted fee. We can arrange for quality and flexible pay as you go training that suits your travel needs. Also, you can continue with your normal life schedule and still attend the training. Choose a Full motorcyle training option that will not give you difficulties when traveling in the future.

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