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Tips on Cleaning Your Semi Truck Interior

Tips on Cleaning Your Semi Truck Interior


You should consider several factors in buying a dump truck. For one, you need to choose between a new one or a used one. Another thing is to inspect its overall mechanical and operational capability.

Aside from its engine, you also need to inspect its overall exterior features. The interior of the vehicle is another aspect that you should look into when comparing various semi-trucks or between a new and used dump truck for sale at your local dealership. This will ensure that you land the best heavy equipment that suits your needs.

Nevertheless, in case you already own a big rig or a fleet of it, below are some of the things that can help you maintain a spic and span interior and keep it looking new.


One of the easiest ways to ensure that your truck’s interiors are clean is by using a milk crate to store your things and keep them organized. It is here where you will be able to keep your windshield washer fluid, engine oil, coolant, as well as your air line antifreeze or any other thing inside your truck. Not only will this free up space in your cabin, but you will be able to find these fluids effortlessly when you need them.

Keep your work shoes out

Work shoes don’t belong in your truck’s interiors. Thereby, make it a habit to take off your work shoes whenever you get into your bunk. In this way, you aren’t spreading any dirt in your cabin such as rocks, snow, or sand. As much as possible, have an extra pair of shoes that is specifically intended to be used when you are driving.

There is also the option for you to use a pair of overshoes which you will be able to conveniently slip over your driving shoes when you need to get out of your vehicle. In this way, you can just take them off as soon as you enter your truck and just rinse them off on the next stop.

Make it a habit to sweep

A small dust broom will prove to be handy in keeping your interiors clean. Take an extra effort to sweep out your cabin’s floor daily to mitigate any dust or dirt build-up in your truck. It is important to make cleaning a part of your routine because the small things that you do on a daily basis can make a significant difference. After all, it can be quite motivating to drive a clean truck.

Use a vacuum

You can now find several vacuum types in the market and having one that is conveniently small enough will be perfect in cleaning the interiors of your big rig. With a vacuum cleaner, you will be able to breeze through your cleaning task in a matter of minutes. Just keep in mind to keep the filters of your vacuum clean as well to ensure that you get good suction. 

The great thing about a vacuum is that you can use it not only for your seats but for your truck’s floor as well. However, after you vacuum your truck’s floor, you need to still wipe it down with soap and water. Nonetheless, avoid using cleaners that can leave your truck’s floor greasy.

Have a small garbage can

Make use of a small garbage can. or even a small trash bag to contain your wastes. As much as possible, empty the contents of your garbage can at a rest area or truck stop regularly. For instance, if you are cooking in your truck, ditch out your wastes daily to ensure that you won’t have to deal with the smell of rotten food. In doing so, you won’t also have to deal with an accumulation of garbage that can be overwhelming.

Shine your windows

Cleaning the windows of your truck on the inside is just as important as cleaning it on the outside. Rest assured that this task isn’t that daunting. In fact, a window cleaning solution and some paper towels will already do the trick. Take this chance to wipe up your dashboard and controls too.

Get some floor mats

Floor mats will help you protect the interiors of your truck. Just keep in mind to get a set that perfectly fits inside your vehicle. As soon as you have floor mats, keep them clean as well by blowing them with an air nozzle and rinsing them with soap and water.

To wrap things up, there are several things that you can do to clean the interiors of your semi-truck. No, you don’t have to wait until you get the time to have a professional have your truck’s interior detailed. Keep in mind that a little daily maintenance will go a long way in ensuring that your semi’s interiors are clean as a whistle. 

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