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The advancing technology and increased competition in the market demand are going higher and higher quality. Hankook has worked hard and gained the reputation of a high-class company that aims at producing innovative products that are compatible with the advancing technology and help in the future.

They have been in this field over 70 years and earned a reputed spot in the industry with their promising and highly expert professionals. They have succeeded to grow and multiply in a way that the world knows their name in terms of quality and brand. ‘

They have a huge network where they aim at recruiting expert professionals having experience in this field over the years. They create an environment where the employees grow and learn. Hankook is the ambassador of introducing advancement in driving through various campaigns around the world.

Services they provide

  1. They provide you with tire labelling that makes it convenient for you.
  2. They give you the test results as well so that you get a better evaluation and detailed assessment.
  3. Hankook does not compromise on quality and takes the responsibility of producing up to the mark products.
  4. They provide a detailed care guide for that maintenance of the tires, and this is a way to make them last longer.
  5. Hankook has come up with a tire guide as well that covers all the aspects of their products.
  6. They take responsibility for the quality of their products and claim that they are made up of standard raw material.

Extra Services for Hankook customers

  1. The exactly know what kind of tire your vehicle needs and dig out the best one for you. Hankook works to bring the best product out of its stock of Kelly and Dunlop tires.
  2. They have an organized team of installers and workers that know their work thoroughly, and you can book an appointment with them priorly.
  3. Hankook takes the responsibility of the instalment of your tires by their expert installers that have been working in this field for years.

Where to get Hankook tyres from?

Where can you find the best tyres?

If you are looking for a set of Hankook tyres that lasts longer and stays the same over the years, then you should contact Dubai Tyre Shop. They have a vast range of variety from all the categories. The best thing is that they have amazing customer service and also, they have highly rated reviews.

Whether you are looking for a set of tyres for your passenger car or want one for your racing car, Dubai Tyre Shop has got you all covered. You can also get access to their expert installers through an appointment.

How to contact?

All you have to do is to dial anumber and you can get all their services within a short span of time.

Contact information

  • +971 5562 69517
  • +971 54420 4322\


High ratings, good reviews and great customer care service is what we want when it comes to purchasing UAE tyres for your vehicle.

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