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Having your motorcycle shipped: why and how to

Having your motorcycle shipped: why and how to


There are several reasons why someone would send their bike, but the most common is moving. Since they have a lot to take care of when moving, a reputable motorcycle shipping company is the best choice.

Imagine the preparation you need to make when you plan a move. You won’t have so much time to get out and ride your bike to your new location. Plus, you have a job and your family to think about.

Other reasons include delivering motorcycles to buyers or sellers, taking them on holiday, and attending motorcycle events and rallies.

Moreover, those who own luxury or vintage motorcycles would do so without adding miles to the odometer.

No matter the reason, there are many factors to consider before deciding to bring your precious motorcycles to a new destination.

What Are The Different Methods Of Shipping Your Motorcycle?

The first step to shipping your motorcycle is to find out the shipping method you want to get for your motorcycle. Decide how you will ship your bike. For this, you can browse jobs available at online shipping comparison platforms like Shiply. You will determine the motorcycle delivery method when you have determined the time frame within which the motorcycle must be delivered to its destination.

Budget, distance, and delivery time are the deciding factors here. The option you end up choosing will determine how high or low the shipping cost is.

Both shipping to terminals and door-to-door delivery is available for you to choose from. It is because they are both popularly used and considered safe for all types of shipping.

Terminal Shipping

This option is the cheapest, and it is efficient. However, you will need to ask the carrier before the move date if they have a terminal in your location for pickup and delivery.

In some cases, the terminals might be a little far from your city, which means that you might have to ride your bike to drop it off. This option can be best for you if you do not consider riding to the terminal to be a problem, and you also need to save some cash.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Most motorcycle shipping companies will offer door-to-door service at a lower fee.

However, you need to make arrangements with them before you agree to hire them if they cannot pick up your bike at the pickup point or deliver it to a destination you have specified. You will pay extra for transport if you refuse to arrange before you hire the company.

Enclosed Trailers

Using a closed trailer to transport the motorcycle is the most expensive option. However, closed trailers provide greater protection for the motorcycle, both against damage and theft.

This option is best suited for people:

  • Transporting their motorcycle over a long distance.
  • That has no specific delivery date.
  • Delivery of an expensive and fragile motorcycle

The newest closed transport trailers contain air suspension components and a system of soft belts, which reduce impact loads on the motorcycle during transport.

If you are planning to transport more than one motorcycle, you can put all your motorcycles on one trailer.

Open Trailers

Although this option is cheaper than a closed trailer option, it is also an excellent option depending on your needs.

Your bike will be exposed to many weather conditions and other elements, as there are no side walls or roofs on the trailer. It also means that it will not be much safer on your bike in an open trailer.

This option should be considered if:

  • You deliver your bike over a short distance
  • You have the exact delivery date

How Much Does It Cost To Transport My Motorcycle?

Using an online motorcycle delivery cost calculator is the easiest way to determine how much a motorcycle costs to transport.

Some factors can affect the total cost of shipping a motorcycle:

Motorcycle Size And Weight

Your motorcycle’s size and weight can affect shipping costs because there are transportation companies that calculate the cost of insurance according to weight.

Lightweight, easy-to-ride motorcycles are cheaper than bulky bikes like Harley Davidsons. It means that you can count on extra charges for shipping large motorcycles.

Transport Distance

Some full-service shipping companies provide their customers with affordable deals as long as their point is within a certain range. It means that the closer the distance, the cheaper and vice versa.

The proximity of the pickup and drop-off points to major highways is also another big consideration. Charges may be added for delivery to remote or difficult to reach areas.

The fees may vary only by the transport company, so be sure to ask them about this information in advance.

Location Of Collection And Removal Points

It is generally cheaper to send your bike within an urban area than in a rural or remote area, especially the door-to-door delivery option.

How Long Would It Take To Transport My Motorcycle?

Usually, the average delivery time is between two weeks and one month, depending on the landing site. Surely, shipping a car to Alaska from a southern state would take time and much more than shipping to the nearby state.

For most transport companies, the date of receipt of an order is 2-7 business days after the customer places it. Then the actual delivery takes about 1-6 calendar days after receiving the motorcycle.

However, for express delivery of motorcycles, the first delivery date is usually available within 24-72 hours. It would help if you considered this when planning your move.

How Should I Prepare My Motorcycle For Shipping?

Make sure there are no leaking liquids on your bike, such as oil, water, or any other liquid type. Otherwise, your motorcycle will not be allowed onboard the transport vessel.

Also, do not fill your bike with fuel more than ¼ of the tank, as exceeding this limit adds to your bike’s total weight and, thus, the total cost.

You should thoroughly clean your bike to help it pass customs and quarantine inspections, which can often be quite strict.

It is also important that your motorcycle is suitable for riding on the road, and you must leave the keys in the ignition.

When transporting motorcycles, you should not leave your personal belongings on the bike as there is no safe place to store them. It includes riding equipment and boarding facilities.

To Sum Up

The only thing more exciting than flying down the road with an open throttle is exploring new highways and motorways at the back of the motorcycle.

Exploring a new direction on your favorite motorcycle is intimate and exciting. Next time you’re on an international trip or make a permanent move, think about taking your bike with you. However, before you do it, make sure that you know how and why you will have your motorcycle shipped.

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