Thursday, December 1, 2022
Presenting the New Yamaha Rx 100

Presenting the New Yamaha Rx 100


One of the leading motorcycles of India is the Yamaha Rx 100. The old model of Yamaha Rx 100 ruled the Indian motorcycle market for over a decade. The older generation of the motorcycle aficionados was crazy about the Rx 100 because of its brilliant performance. It was available at an affordable price and also enabled a super fun ride. The low cost and the awesome zippy performance made it an obvious choice for all the motorcycle lovers. It was the first vehicle that changed the perception of all the consumers who had a huge fascination over costly motorcycles. It made them to believe that small displacement motorcycles can also provide a splendid ride and serve as the perfect commuter like the biggies.

The Yamaha Rx 100, unfortunately, has been out of the market for the past two decades now. However, the good news is that some of the bike lovers restored that incredible motorcycle to give it a new look and return all its lost glory. The old model of Yamaha Rx 100 is now going to be re-launched as the new Yamaha Rx 100. This Rx 100 new model is currently redesigned in grey gunmetal colour.

This new model almost looks brand new and is just finished with the production lines. It can be expected that there will be certain modifications in this new Rx 100 which will give it a modern look and make it suitable for the market. The motorcycle will be completely painted in gunmetal gray; however, the tank will get black pinstripes. Once the model gets launched and does good business, other colour variants will also be available. The other models will be expected to be available in Peacock blue-green, cherry red and Black colour. For those variants, the tank will be getting golden pinstripes.

The engine of the new Rx 100 will also sport a grey finish and the front forks will be coloured dark grey. The original spoke wheels of the motorcycle will be replaced by multi-spoke alloys and the front fender of the model will be chrome finished with a body-coloured plastic unit. There is also an installation of a body-coloured engine cowl that is encrypted with Yamaha decals. The major highlight of the bike is, however, the custom headlamp. The custom headlamp of the brand new model is fitted with LED DRL and projector units.

The older version of the Rx 100 was powered by a 98cc cylinder which had a two-stroke engine that produces maximum power of 11Bhp at 7500 RPM with a peak torque of 10.39 Nm at 6500 RPM. This engine is retained in the new model as well without any changes. The engine also came mated with a four-speed transmission and had a weight of around 103 kilograms. This kerb weight made the motorcycle light enough and also played a key role in its acceleration powers.

Except for a few modifications, the majority of the features are maintained in this new one and it is believed that this modernisation will sync well with the ageing design which makes the motorcycle a timeless product!

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