Thursday, December 1, 2022
Popular Trends Observed in Lifted Trucks

Popular Trends Observed in Lifted Trucks


Toupgrade the supply chain operations and equipment, many enterprises are willing to investin new lift truck that are now proud to have more choices than ever before. The reason being that the lift trucks are now adapting to the latest trends of technology, that gave them the edge to proceed ahead.

From a dealership of lifted trucks https://build-x.infoin Salisbury, we have collected the most popular trends that are observed in the lineups of Lifted Trucks. Read on to know more about them.

Use of Telematics

Use of telematics are rapidly gaining bigger grounds, especially in the world of logistics, where use of lifted trucks is the most common scenario to be observed. We get to see fully integrated suite of tools collecting numerous data points incontinuous process transforming critical data into the highly intuitive graphic reports.

While much more advanced telematics data can be used, most companies prefer to use the information firstly to support theirfleet management and maintenance initiatives.

Integrated Mobile Applications

The popularity of mobile technology is continuously changing for better in every field of application including the supply chain operations. It’s also being successful in creating an impact on the sector of materials handling through integrated mobile applications with equally promising mobile technologies, like iPads used on forklifts. The ease of use in these integrated mobile applications is such that every Lift truck drivercan start using such devices with applications that helps them to access the warehouse management systems as well as other specialized applications through bar-code scanning, RFID and voice commands.

Forklift Safety Pro

As a better alternative to the forklift-mounted computer, Forklift Safety Pro is a system that can be used to allow the users to perform routine safety checks with the help of an Apple mobile. Once done, the completed inspection reports then can get wirelessly transmitted through email to a supervisor to inspect the repository form.

In dealerships that offer lifted trucks for sale, we found these apps offering moreuseful features like framing daily questions onsafety, in which a counter would inform the operators about how many days are left for re-certification, and also generate forms for reporting incidents of crashes and accidents to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, requesting for a related equipment service, while reporting against unsafe vehicles. The app became popular because it teaches the drivers fine driving skills like reducing speed while cornering, get more control on the mast angle and speed, and things like leveling the fork.

Automated Lift Trucks

Unlike the common automated guided vehicles, the automated lift truck routes did not get fixed, to stay flexible. Because of this the fleet managers get opportunity to add, remove, or adapt programmed routes mapped earlier. In any normal lift truck, an operator needs to manually load the pallets, while in the automated lift truck, the vehicle itself can automatically drop pallets at pre-programmed locations. An automated lift truck is also preferred for its fuel efficiency as it can save up to 15 miles of travel in a day throughunlimited routes.

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