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Tipper Trailers: Their Categories And Requirements.

Tipper Trailers: Their Categories And Requirements


Tipper comes from the word tip or head. A tipper is a category of the truck which can be raised from its front end. It is done to discharge the contents kept in the tipper. And the word trailer is used for the powerless vehicle which is used for transportation of goods by using another powerful vehicle when combined tipper trailers are made.

Australia is known for its tipper trailers and especially the hydraulic tipper trailer in Sydney.

What are tipper trailers?

A tipper trailer is a tipping instrument. These are solid trailers and can smoothly go through a rough treatment (means carrying heavy machinery, building materials, vehicles, and other heavy things). In the industry, it is also known as dump trailer/truck. It is used for offloading process mainly.

What do you mean by hydraulic tipper trailer Sydney?

When the tipper trailers carry extra weight, they will require more power. They could carry weight up to 3500-kilograms. And these are mainly used at construction sites.

How do these function?

Originated from the Greek word “hydraulikos,” they use a technology which involves the use of a liquid for mechanical functioning. The fluids (water or oil mostly) are used to generate power by controlling and transmitting them.

There are two types of tipper trailers that are mostly used:

  • Rear zipper.
  • Side zipper.

Before knowing what the types of tipper trailer mean, first understand the term axle (as it is an integral part of any trailer).

Axle: It is the rod or a central shaft used in the rotating wheels to support them. The purpose of the axle is to transmit power and motion. An axle is also classified into various types.

  1. Drive Axle.
  2. The dead axle also is known as the lazy axle.
  3. Lift Axle.
  4. Full floating axle.
  5. Semi-floating axle.

The types of tipper trailer are explained below:

  • Rear tipper trailer – The name itself gives us the basic idea of what exactly is rear tipper trailer. The contents or cargo is discharged at the back side of the area. For the safety of the load, there are locks at the side and back of the tipper. The material used for making a container of tipper trailer is from the sturdy steel plate. It should not be more than 12 meters otherwise there can be some dangers.
  • Side tipper trailer – Here also, the name gives a clue about the meaning of side tipper. The cargo is dumped at the side of the area. There is one reason for doing so. It is because sometimes there is insufficient space to offload the cargo. The container of side tipper can load more cargo when compared with rear tipper.

The selection of the tipper depends on the need of the owner. The owner should select a tipper trailer based on its capacity, wheels, sturdiness, the distance that needs to be covered by the trailer on a regular basis, how frequently it needs to be used and for what purpose.

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