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The Best Classic Cars You Can Use Every Day

The Best Classic Cars You Can Use Every Day


While not all classic cars are suitable for daily use, the ones you will get to learn below are. Everyone can fall in love with a classic car; from their vintage look to their swift rides. Well, if you are interested in classic cars and those that are great for everyday use, just continue reading.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

By the number of this model that is still on the road, it is obvious that many have come to the conclusion that the Volkswagen Golf GTI model is quite great for daily use. It is quite fast, has great steering and handling feel, a timeless look and great quality. While it might have been just a hot hatch in the past, today it is seen as people’s favorite classic.

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Rover Vitesse

This model does not only have the five-door performance coupe, but it is also well-respected on the road and it goes hard. Rover Vitesse is a car with a timeless look that became quite popular in the last decade. If you are interested in importing classic cars, you can consider checking out or talk to your import/export company about your choices.

Mercedes-Benz 300CE

There is a chance you already knew that this model would be on this list. While the Mercedes-Benz 300CE might not be the best all-rounder when it comes to the range, it offers an ample performance, and with the combinations with W124’s goodies of great quality build and oodles of road presence, Mercedes-Benz 300CE does not only look beautiful it is incredibly appealing as a classic.

Volvo 240 Estate

Those who often travel with family or carry a lot of luggage should definitely consider Volvo 240 Estate. This model is quite sharp, nice and it can obviously carry a lot of weight. It is a timeless classic that will always look good, it offers a lot of room, and those who use this car adore it for many obvious reasons.

Porsche 924S

Not only does Porsche 924S have a timeless look, but it is also way more expensive than Opel Manta and Ford Capri when it is new. Today, it is much easier to purchase the entry-level Porsche much cheaper. There are different Porsche models, so make sure to not mistake the S with the earlier 924 models.

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Opel Manta

For this model, it was a choice between Ford Capri and Opel Manta to be seen as the best classic for daily use, but as you can see, Opel Manta won. What really made the choice clear is the fact that Capri is moving fast into the stratosphere value, and most owners would not want to leave that car in their workplace garage.

No matter which car you choose in the end, it is still important that you make sure that that car model can be imported into your country; in case you are shopping online. It is also important that you choose a reputable provider; you can hire a classic car imports Australia like Dazmac Logistics if you are interested in importing one of these classic cars.

Final word

If you are interested in the classic car models and you’d want to use them daily, this list might help you out. However, there are plenty of other classics that might not have been mentioned, so make sure to do your research on the side as well. In addition, find an import/export company that is reputable if you are purchasing a car from a different country.

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