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Should You Tip a Tow Truck Driver: 7 Reasons the Answer Is Yes

Should You Tip a Tow Truck Driver: 7 Reasons the Answer Is Yes


While the jury is still out on how the towing industry performed in the US throughout 2020, the outlook isn’t good. It’s widely expected for towing to see a significant drop off due to people driving less and parking restrictions becoming more relaxed.

As towing grapples with the government-imposed lockdown economy the same way that many other industries are, if you do end up getting a tow this year, you may ask yourself, “Should you tip a tow truck driver?”.

As with all questions around tipping, answers are variable. In our estimation though, the answer is a resounding yes.

Curious to know why? Keep reading to take in our top 7 reasons.

1. People Are in Need of Help

If you can afford to tip a tow truck driver, do so, even if you haven’t in the past. Small businesses are getting crushed by lockdowns and little to no compensation has been offered by the government since the summer to offset the damage of forced business closures.

While it’s not your official responsibility to help take some of the pressure off by aiding working professionals, it’s certainly a moral nicety to dip into your pocket and offer assistance where you can.

It may very well be that lockdown effects last deep into the decade. A little additional assistance offered by you today could make a big difference in someone’s life tomorrow.

2. Tow Truck Drivers Don’t Get Paid Much

This should you tip a tow truck driver justification is an obvious one. Tow truck drivers don’t get paid very much money.

Looking at recent data, the average pay in the state of California is a low $15.63 per hour. The tips you offer can make the essential work drivers do viable which ensures that when you need a tow later on, it’ll be there for you.

3. Many Drivers are Contractors

You might think that the tow truck driver that helps with your job is an employee that’s getting adorned with hourly pay, benefits, and the like. The truth is though that many tow truck drivers are contractors.

These drivers sought out trucks for sale, purchased one, slapped their own insurance on it, and are making money job by job with no hard promises of income. That creates conditions where healthcare expenses can become an issue for drivers in addition to several other things.

Tipping drivers that have no guaranteed earnings help make their businesses more viable.

4. The Expenses Required to Run a Tow Company Are High

Insurance alone when running a towing company can be in the thousands of dollars. Add to that expense gas, maintenance, and more, and it’s clear that making a buck towing can be a serious challenge.

Towing rates have gone up to account for these things but a lot of times companies aren’t even able to charge their rates because middle-men like AAA make them bring their rates down to gain access to their millions of customers.

Again, for many towing companies, tow truck tips allow them to stay in the black at the end of the year.

5. Tips Don’t Have to Be Much

Most people have been adversely affected by 2020. Therefore, you might be thinking that even though your tow representative would appreciate a tip, you’re not in a position to be putting additional money down for services.

Our response to that is tow truck tips don’t have to cost you a lot.

There’s not a lot of price transparency when it comes to getting a tow since many people get their services paid for through middle-man which creates questions around what to tip a tow truck driver. Because of that, best practice is offering gesture tips.

These tips, on the low end, are $5 to $10. On the high end, a $20 tip is appropriate.

6. Extra Services Are Often Provided

While not the case with every tow expert you deal with, extra services are oftentimes provided when you get a tow. For example, several tow truck drivers look under the hood of your car and give you a quick diagnosis of what your problem is.

That perspective can save you hundreds of dollars at the mechanic since you can quickly deduce whether or not the assessment you get is an honest one.

Several times, tow truck drivers are also able to get on the scene much faster than is projected by AAA because they understand the last thing you want to be is stranded. That’s an effort that’s well worth additional compensation.

7. Additional Care Provided to High-End Cars

If you’re having a high-end vehicle towed, do both you and your driver a favor and tip.

Some tow truck drivers are in the business of getting through jobs as quickly as possible. That rushing when towing a unique vehicle can create conditions for serious damage.

We recommend tipping drivers beforehand and requesting additional care so you can be sure it’s provided during your tow process.

Your Should You Tip a Tow Truck Driver Questions Answered

We hope we’ve made clear why the answer to should you tip a tow truck driver is a hard yes. Tow truck driving is a difficult profession and despite that, it’s low paying and necessary for our car-driven society to function.

Take the perspective we’ve shared and spread it to another person! By doing so, we can help create a transformative tipping culture that will strengthen the communities of blue-collar workers.

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