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Selling your old car? Here are your options!
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Selling your old car? Here are your options!


Today, there are more ways to sell a used car than ever before. Even if the vehicle is a wreck or no longer in running order, you can still sell it. It is the dynamic tech developments of the current era that are allowing people to sell their cars using different options. Scrutiny through each of these options enables them to make a wise decision. To our surprise, dreary tasks such as discovering the true worth of a vehicle, market price, and looking at best dealers have become quite easy through the power of the Internet.

Whether you are selling or trading a car, you must begin with getting a reliable estimate of its value. You can easily perform this task from home through several online portals.  They offer a free valuation of the car, and the process is fairly simple. The visitor is asked to enter some essential details about their automobile, and then they give out its estimate.

As soon as you get done withthis procedure of calculating the actual worth of vehicle, it is now time to explore the available options. You can either think about scrap my car or sell it to someone.

Here are some of the best ways you can use for selling your old car:

Selling privately

Private sellingof the vehicle will ensure that you get good returns out of it. It is time-consuming and asks for a considerable amount of effort on your part. However, the anticipation for a handsome payback keeps the owner going. It also means that you have to fulfill all the mandatory functions. The tasks such as figuring out the car value, promoting it and meeting with potential buyers areall your duties. Make sure that you reply to all emails and all calls at prompt. Sometimes, there might be strangers visiting your home for a test drive which can be time-consuming.

Also, you need to ensure that your advert targets potential customers. Classified ads in local paper or websites such as Craigslist, eBay, Autotrader, and can bring in genuinely interested people. Your ad must have a clear description of the vehicle, its history,and current condition. An honest representation of its entire history will ensure that buyers are fully aware and do not blame you for cheating later on. Lastly, arrange a safe way for payment transfers.

There is a heavy burden on the seller when they opt for private selling. It is of utmost importance that you take each step with caution. Playing all the cards right will eventually let you benefit all perks of private selling. 

Selling to a dealership

Selling to a local dealership is the most common option. You visit their workshop or showroom, andthey provide you with an estimated appraisal of your vehicle. If the offer sounds viable enough, you will probably return from there with cash in no time at all. But if your car has a history of some major accident and no longer in running position, it is quite possible that the dealership will not show any interest. In those cases, the sellers have to turn to a scrap yard or car buying services like

Online Car buying sites

Thanks to the Internet, we can now sell our cars virtually. Online car selling websites such as and offer to carry out the work of selling your old vehicle. The process is quite simple and suits most people.

All you have to do is enter the details of the car, and the site comes back with a quote. Probably similar to or lower than the actual trade value, this amount is subject to physical inspection of your car. If they find any faults at the time of inspection, the final valuation figure might go considerably lower. You also have to pay the administration fee for this service.

Most of these websites offer pick-up service for the vehicle.  Such moves turn the hectic task of selling cars smooth. Now you can easily focus on checking out the vehicle that’s going to be your next purchase instead of fretting about selling the prior.

Trade in

In case you opt for selling through a dealership, you can use the return as a down payment for your next car. some trade-in programs give you the future trade-in value. It helps to have a verified resale price or a trade-in value for the future. Trading your car at a trusted dealership is an easy solution. You can immediately drive away with your new vehicle while the dealer takes care of all the paperwork.

Trading in does come with its pros and cons like every other method. The dealership buys the car at its wholesale value. But if you decide to go private, the payback is near to the retail value of that car. The difference between a wholesale and retail value is subject to many factors such as the condition of the car, the currency rates and the year of that model.


Auctioning a car is again one of the easiest and hassle-free methods. The major setback associated with this type of selling is that you may end up with the amount that is lower than the actual worth of that vehicle. At an auction, most buyers are from the motor trading field.

At live auctions, you need to pay an entry fee. Next, you are asked to set a price for your car and take it to the auction where you wait for the hammer to drop. The winner of the bid has to pay for the vehicle right there from which the auction company takes its 10% commission.

Apart from the local auctions, there are now options for online auctions as well. You have to post an advert with full description, then go for live auction on a fixed date.

Before you put up your car for the auction, it is integral that you find out its demand in the market. The higher the demand, the easier it becomes to sell. If you want to play fair and establish trust in the market, it is vital that you provide information that does not mislead the buyers. Transparency allows you to negotiate with confidence.

Selling a vehicle isn’t a piece of cake. Try to put in as much extra effort as possible so you can enjoy great benefits.

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