Thursday, December 1, 2022
Read This if You Want To Check Your Pending E-Challan

Read This if You Want To Check Your Pending E-Challan


Under the Motor Vehicles Act, any traffic infringement can lead to the traffic authorities levying fines and slapping a challan on the vehicle, as deemed appropriate. This has been done so that the citizens of the country comply with traffic rules and regulations, are more careful on the roads, and are penalised for their mistakes so that they do not repeat those again. And to ensure that people do not take the traffic e-challans lightly, if there is any delay in the offline or online payment e-challan, the authorities can issue stricter penalties, which can involve imprisonment or court hearings. So, it is important that you keep checking for any pending e-challans against you or your vehicle on a regular basis and timely pay back your dues.

You can be issued a challan for numerous offences, such as jumping a red light, over-speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, rash driving or incorrect and unauthorised parking. Once you indulge in a traffic violation, the traffic police will issue an e-challan under your name or under your vehicle, the details of which will be sent to you via SMS on your registered mobile number. However, due to technical errors, the e-challan intimation may not reach you on time, or even the SMS may not reach you at all. This can result in the e-challan remaining unpaid for a long period of time, sometimes well past the challan’s due date of payment. Hence, it is important to keep checking your e-challan status and your blacklist challan details from time to time.

In order to check your details and to make the process of payment easier, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has created a dedicated portal for the same online, called the Parivahan Sewa. Through this portal, people can check the details of their vehicle’s registration certificate, know all about their pending e-challans and prior e-challan status, and know the blacklist information of their vehicles, all with the help of the vehicle’s registration number. People can also apply for renewed documents and driving license information through the help of the Parivahan Sewa portal. This has been curated to save time that people may spend while standing in long queues and undergoing a ton of paperwork at their local Regional Transport Office (RTO).

To check the status of your e-challan, and to see if your vehicle may have obtained any new challans, you need to log on to the Parivahan Sewa portal, There, click on the ‘Check Challan Status’ tab on the menu bar. From there, you will be redirected to a new page, where you will be prompted to enter either your challan number, or your vehicle number, or your DL number, along with a captcha code. Once you put in this information, click on the Get Detail button, which will then show you all pending and prior e-challans issued to your vehicle. The portal also offers you the service to pay your e-challan instantaneously online. A ‘Pay Now’ button is located adjacent to all your pending e-challans. Clicking on that will take you to a secure payment gateway from where you can make the payment by card, net banking or other online payment modes. You must remember that all e-challans issued to you must be paid within 60 days from the date of issuance.

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