Thursday, December 1, 2022
How long do You Have to Wait to Drive after Windshield Replacement?

How long do You Have to Wait to Drive after Windshield Replacement?


Damage on windshield can be treated as immediately as possible to avoid harm thing happen to you while you are driving. You can just drive to the auto glass replacement shop to get your windshield fixed. If you need something to ask about the repair and replacement matter then you can make an appointment with us through this website. Here are several things you need to know when it comes to replacing a windshield especially if this is your first time to go here.

Common questions

If you cannot drive your car to the shop due to work or injured or the car is in bad condition to drive then you can tell our staff because we have options you can choose. There is a service called Pick Up or Drop Off. Our staff will take your car to the shop and get it back after it is done to your home or workplace. You do not need to worry about things. But you have to make an appointment first.

The windshield replacement process depends on many factors like how experienced the technician is. But all our staffs are certified and get excellent training with all equipment in our shop. The replacement will be completed in the same day you brought your car in our shop. . It is made by placed 2 sheets of glass on different sides of thin sheet of PVB (poly-vinyl butyral). To form one piece under heat and pressure, these sheets are bonded.

The lamination process is continued until the techniques fuses three layers together and make the layer becomes strong and high quality. But, we know that laminated glass is not only option for windshields. Other choice is tempered glass. It is also strong glass used in windshield. To create tempered glass, we use tempering technique.

If you wonder about how soon you can drive after the replacement, well, it depends on the adhesive type used for sealing the auto glass into the molding. The drying process is supported by the humidity and temperature. Most cases only take one hour until the adhesive dried completely, but it is also possible if it could take 24 hours. Do not worry because we are going to give your car back at the same day you bring your car to our shop for auto glass repair though.

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