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Honda CBR 250R – The real joy of driving

Honda CBR 250R – The real joy of driving


Honda is the renowned manufacturer of two wheelers in India. Honda bikes in India are very popular and enjoy preference of a large number of customers. The company comes with an enriching history of challenges and achievements in creating values. It is also the history of the dreams of each of their associates that have come true and have been shared by people around the world.

The Honda comes with new LED DRL but only halogen headlamps with an integrated ORVM LED indicator.

The manufacturing units of Honda in India are in all corners of India namely the Manesar Plant in Gurgaon, Haryana, the Naraspura Plant in Bengaluru, Karnataka,the Tapukara Plant in Alwar, Rajasthan and the Scooter Plant in Vithalapur, Gujarat.

Over period, Honda has introduced several bikes in India which have given tough competition to other players in the market. Honda bikes price is spread over a wide range wherein all types of customers can find something to suit their taste. It is very difficult to pin-point a particular Honda Bike as the best. But when comparisons are done over a number of parameters, it is easy to analyse that the best Honda bike in India is the Honda CBR 250R.

About Honda CBR 250

Honda CBR 250R is typically a sport bike that has a 249.6cc petrol engine controlled manually by a 6-gear transmission. The bike weighs about 167kg with the top speed to be 135kmph. The CBR 250R is available in four different colors. The Honda CBR 250R has tubeless tyres which is very efficient for speed biking, the maximum power that the bike produces is 25.7 [email protected] rpm and the maximum torque that the bike can generate is 22.9 [email protected] rpm.

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The fuel tank capacity is around 13 litres and the brakes fitted on the front and rear tyres are disc brakes that provide quick stop action against the speed. The suspension on the front tyre is a telescopic fork while the rear tyre is a pro link mono shock. On the front there is a digital odometer and a digital speedometerto show you the accuracy on your speed. There is also a digital fuel indicator with low fuel warning to know when you need to refuel the bike.

The head lamp is composed of LEDs and the tail lamp is composed of LEDs too to provide long range sight to avoid any obstacles. The bike also has a kill-switch to kill the engine in case of any emergency.

The price tag on the CBR 250R is Rs. 1,66,752 (ex-showroom Delhi). This bike is sometimes compared to the CB Hornet 160R. The CB Hornet 160R is a 162.71cc petrol-based engine with a 12 litre of fuel tank capacity. The price range of the Hornet is about Rs. 87,843 (ex-showroom Delhi), a bit cheaper than the CBR 250R.

The Honda bikes are a brand to buy and not a just a brand, it represents the feeling of India.

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