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Campervan Cost: Is a Campervan Worth It?

Campervan Cost: Is a Campervan Worth It?


Wanderlust can be defined as “a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.” It’s that rudimentary longing in everyone to explore the world. And with the era of COVID having prevented a majority of travel for most of 2020, it’s safe to say that the “itch” to get out there is stronger than ever for most people.

And, thanks to Instagram, one of the most appealing and ways to travel is once again: the campervan. But as sexy as #vanlife can seem, is the adventure worth the campervan cost?

Keep reading to explore how much a campervan typically costs and if it’s the right choice for you!

1. Determine Who Will Use Your Campervan

The first step? Ask yourself: who’s going to be using this campervan?

Just you? You and a partner? A whole family?

Prices will vary depending on your answer. If you’re planning a solo journey (like John Steinbeck in Travels with Charlie), your initial campervan starting price could be under ten thousand dollars. Just find a used truck with enough space for you and a furry friend upfront and save the back for up-fitting needs.

But, if you’re hoping to travel with one or more fellow companions, you’ll probably need to invest in something a bit more substantial, like a Ford Transit, Dodge Ram ProMaster, or even a Mercedes Sprinter. For vans like these, initial starting price is typically between twenty-five thousand to thirty-eight thousand dollars.

As with any vehicle, though, you can always choose the payment plan that’s best for you. Want your campervan to be worth the investment? Do a little leg work at the start!

Determine who’s probably joining your adventures, select a rig to match, and get insurance (learn more about that here) to give your adventures peace of mind.

2. Determine Where You’ll Use Your Campervan

Next, set aside some time to map where you’ll take your campervan. Headed to the West Coast to surf the day away? Or are you planning to camp out in Moab?

Wherever adventure calls you, be sure your rig can handle the terrain and climate. If you’re heading to the “West Coast,” be sure your campervan has sand tires the right coatings to defend against salty, ocean air. If you’re headed to “Moab,” be sure your adventure vehicle has heavy-duty tires and the proper shocks, brakes, and features to handle craggy trails.

As far as the costs involved to retrofit your campervan for these amazing locations, it really depends on how you plan to approach it all. Just want to grab some new tires and call it a day? You’re probably going to pay between $1500-$2000.

But if you want something more in-depth, anticipate higher costs.

3. Determine How You’ll Use Your Campervan

Finally, to make sure your campervan costs are worth it, make sure to anticipate how you’ll be using your campervan.

Do you plan to use your vehicle as a “tiny home on wheels?” Or do you simply want a vehicle comfortable enough to sleep in as you head towards a campsite?

If you’re hoping to have a fully livable space, you could keep costs cheap by taking a DIY approach. Spend a few thousand dollars and take pride in what you’ve built. Or, you could go all out and pay the professionals to lavish your campervan with the best of the best.

But, if luxury is your style, be prepared to pay upwards of $20,000.

Is the Campervan Cost Worth It?

You decide! Determine who will use your van, where you’ll take it, and how you’ll use it. Along the way, decide how luxe or not you want to go.

Make your campervan cost worth it for you! As a bottom line, though, typical costs can range between $15,000 to $50,000.

And as always, be sure to visit our site daily and check back for all the latest in auto news and adventure trends!

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