Thursday, December 1, 2022
Bicycles: A New Trend To Explore Travel Destinations

Bicycles: A New Trend To Explore Travel Destinations


In this age of the car, people hardly get a chance to enjoy a bicycle ride. If we go back to our school days we can remember that how fun was to ride on a bicycle with a group of friends and breathe in the fresh breeze. Nowadays, people have become quite lazy and this, in fact, has led to the occurrence of diseases and one such health problem is obesity. Apart from the fun factor, cycling can keep you healthy and active. This is perhaps the reason there is a growing market for bicycles.

Increasing demand for bicycles

In the recent years, there has been a sudden increase in the demand for bicycles. If we try to find out reason then health consciousness can be one. Furthermore, this rising demand can also be owed to sports activities. It is a known fact that if you want to stay healthy then invest time in physical activities and what can be better than riding on your favourite bicycle.

Increased in the rate of pollution is playing major in our life and so the government has encouraged people to use bikes instead of cars or motorcycles. Cycling is turning to be a sociable a well enjoyable form of sport. If we go as per reports it can be said that low prices are encouraging people to choose bikes over other vehicles.

 Trends in bicycles

Significant changes have been encountered in the bicycles. With changing preferences, new developments seem to be inevitable. Have a look at the following bike trends that is meant to give a smooth and comfortable riding experience to the riders.

  • The bikes with aerodynamic designs are taking over the bike market. More and more bike enthusiasts are opting for aero bikes. These types of bikes are a personal favourite among the racers.
  • Earlier, bikes were made up of quite thinner wheels but suddenly there is a trend towards wider bike tyres. It seems to be more reliable and durable in comparison to thinner wheels.
  • Bicycles are becoming more power generated and power meters are being used not only by the wealthy but it is available at different rates.

Reasons for choosing bicycles

A number of reasons are acting as a catalyst to encourage people to buy a bike instead of a car.

  • If you decide on purchasing a new car then you have to take into consideration its high price, loan, and check on credit score and lot more. However, for buying a bike you need not think about any such things.
  • You can save your money by choosing a bike and if your office is nearer to your home then a bike is ideal.
  • The bikes can, in fact, give you relief from speeding large sum of money on gyms instead, buying a bike can help you to lose weight.
  • The new bike trends can even make you a fashion icon and at the same time bring convenience to you.

So, having a funky and comfortable bike can save your money and most importantly it allows you to give your part of contribution towards a pollution free environment.

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