Thursday, December 1, 2022
10 Car Interior Cleaning Hacks To Make your Ride Last

10 Car Interior Cleaning Hacks To Make your Ride Last


The cost of professional car cleaning and detailing of Mercedes Benz interior trim parts can run up to $500 per visit. This is a large chunk of money that most car owners would rather clean their cars at home. The problem with DIY car interior cleaning is the hours of effort required only to reach an unsatisfactory result. Before you give in and spend the $500, here are some car interior cleaning hacks worth trying:

1 – Dust In Small Crevices

Trying to vacuum all the dust out of the car’s interior is near impossible because of all the small crevices. A great solution to this problem is a can of compressed air with a thin tube. Simply stick the tube into the small crevices and blow the dust out!

2 – Hard To Reach Dirt

The damp cotton bud is the perfect tool to get every nook and cranny cleaned thoroughly.

3 – The Magic Eraser

If you are dealing with stubborn dirt and grime marks on the Mercedes Benz interior trim parts the handy-dandy Magic Eraser will do the job. Scrub the surface gently and the grime and dirt will be gone.

4 – Microfiber Cloth For Windshields And Windows

Whether it’s the grimy film that forms inside the windshield or the annoying marks left after cleaning the windows, a clean piece of microfiber cloth will easily get rid of those marks in a flash.

5 – Line The Cup Holders

If you, like most drivers, make use of the car’s cup holder on a daily basis you will know how much gunk gets stored inside the holder. To avoid dealing with this mess, line the cup holder with something that can be taken out and cleaned in a few minutes.

6 – Always Have Wipes Ready

Auto cleaner wipes are very cheap, but also very functional. Having them inside the car at all times means you are ready to clean up a mess as soon as it happens avoiding hard to clean stains from forming.

7 – Only Use Chemicals Made For Car Interiors

Avoid damaging the car’s interiors further and stick to cleaning products that are meant to clean the car safely.

8 – Stay Organized

Have an organized box that comes with all of your emergency cleaning supplies in the back of the car. This way you’ll know exactly where to go when someone accidentally spills their drinks inside the car.

9 – Floor Mat Cleaning

To avoid spending too much time cleaning the floor mats, take them out and shake away all the excess dust and dirt it has collected. Make sure to do this away from your car or risk getting the dirt all over the vehicle.

10 – Carpet Steam Cleaning

Use a handheld steam-cleaning machine to thoroughly clean the car’s interior carpets. This is the fastest and easiest way to accomplish the task.

Get all the necessary tools and cleaning materials ready before starting on the interior car cleaning mission so you don’t waste time going back and forth to retrieve more and more tools.

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